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 ALUMNAE Challenge

As a part of the A Defining Moment Campaign, the alumnae of Cottey College have accepted the challenge to raise $2 million for renovation and naming opportunities for the Neale Hall portion of the new Fine Arts Instructional Building (FAIB). As part of the proposal for the new FAIB, Neale Hall was surveyed and deemed structurally sound enough to retain and incorporate into the new building.

While the "new Neale Hall" will not look like it currently does, or serve the same purpose, its renovation will be dramatic and critical to the future of the arts at Cottey College.

The new FAIB will include what is now Neale Hall and a new building on the site between Neale Hall and Main Hall. A skywalk will connect Main Hall to the new building and a glass atrium will connect the other side of the new building with what is now Neale Hall.

All any alumna has to do is check her memory bank, her photo album or a classmate's story and there will be a tale of Neale Hall. Whether swimming in the "new Neale pool," graduating from Cottey in the Neale Hall gymnasium, or spending all-nighters working on art projects or developing film in the dark room, Neale holds a special place for every alumna ...


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Alumna Artist Highlight
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Caitlyn Nichols ‘10

Caitlyn Nichols ‘10

Caitlyn Nichols ‘10 has returned after three years at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales. She graduated this summer with a degree in stage management and technical theatre. It’s not your typical theatre degree, but then, Caitlyn isn’t your typical theatre major.

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