Robin McClellan '79

Robin McClellan '79 is the 2014 Distinguished Alumna Award Winner.  She is currently the Director of Minerals Research Initiatives at Curtin University in Perth, Australia.  Robin retired from the U.S. diplomatic service in December 2010, after a 24-year career focused on Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Australia.

Caitlyn Nichols ‘10

Caitlyn Nichols ‘10

Caitlyn Nichols ‘10 has returned after three years at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales. She graduated this summer with a degree in stage management and technical theatre. It’s not your typical theatre degree, but then, Caitlyn isn’t your typical theatre major.

Heather Coffin Gerban ‘03

As a Cottey student it was Heather Coffin Gerban’s ’03 goal to make a living doing what she loves—and she’s doing just that as an opera singer in New York City!

Caroline Fitzgerald Seavey '01

Caroline Fitzgerald Seavey '01, founder and owner of Heartfelt Photography, claims to have been born with photography in her blood.  Using Cottey as a springboard, she has catapulted into a career that once "seemed too fun to be a real job."

Susan Henderson Fisher ‘56

Susan Henderson Fisher ‘56 embraced the arts and science and successfully pursued both professionally.  She was the organist for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley which has a fine Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ and was the first woman president of the Berkeley Dental Society and also of the Alumni Association of the Dugoni School of Dentistry of the University of the Pacific. 

Adele “Muffy” Williams ‘52

Artist?  Absolutely!  Reflecting on the many ways Adele “Muffy” Williams ’52 employed her artistic talents throughout her life, she claims the label “Cottey artist.”  

Rhys Harper ‘03

Rhys Harper ‘03
Transformational. A word that describes the Alumnae Challenge and an apt description for Rhys’ hopes for the new Fine Arts Instructional Building and also his time at Cottey. Rhys first decided on political science as a major, but ultimately became a photographer—primarily due to the fine arts instruction at Cottey.  

Jody Lyle ‘94

There are many moments Jody fondly remembers from her time at Cottey; many of them occurred in Neale Hall.  She entered her first year at Cottey with aspirations to be an artist or veterinarian and is now a goldsmith and jewelry designer.   

Tamara Hartman Burkhead ‘95

Making the most of the fine arts craftsmanship drilled into her at Cottey, Tamara Hartman Burkhead ‘95 is a successful graphic designer and a mixed-media artist.

Diane Endicott Sampson ‘58

Diane Endicott Sampson ’58 was one of the 2013 Alumnae Service Award Winners.  While at Cottey, Diane was an officer of the Delphian Society, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, a Golden Key, a senior dorm representative, and received the Wall Street Journal award for excellence in economics.

Miriam Stephens Kindred '51

On a wall in the home of Miriam Stephens Kindred '51 is a formal portrait, taken on Wall Street, of about 150 E.F. Hutton brokers. In the very middle of this sea of very serious men in dark suits sits a lovely young woman wearing a white suit.  That young woman is Miriam Kindred, a wonderfully successful stockbroker who credits her success to Cottey.  Says Miriam, “In 1978, I became the first woman manager and stockbroker at E.F. Hutton. I realized it was because of Cottey."

Midge Boomgaarden McClosky '91

As a vocal performance major Midge Boomgaarden McClosky '91 practically lived in Main Hall while at Cottey. She credits Cottey with giving her the "guts" to move from a farm in Iowa to New York City to live her dreams and the confidence to transition from a performing artist to the executive director of a theater company.

Maggie White Brooks ‘02

Maggie White Brooks ’02 started her own business, MaggieB Naturals, in 2010, out of her desire to solve her and her family’s sensitive skin needs.  MaggieB Naturals has since grown in popularity, and now offers a variety of natural body products for both adults and babies.  Maggie is also passionate about giving back, so a portion of her company’s profits is donated to organizations that rescue and rehabilitate the victims of human trafficking.

Jennifer Johnson Haverkamp '94

After being told that she would never make a living as a fine artist, Jennifer Johnson Haverkamp '94 pursued a career as a graphic designer.  For years, Jennifer worked as a graphic designer and started her own decorating business, but she always dreamt of getting back to her original passion of becoming a fine artist.  In 2005, after studying in Italy, Jennifer finally got back to her roots of painting landscapes.

Judy Bell '60

Judy Bell '60 has found her passion in the film industry.  She has experienced all aspects of film: acting, makeup & wardrobe, budgets and schedules, casting, production coordinating, writing, and talent management.  She is currently developing two film projects: a feature based on a short story that will be filmed partly in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, and a web series about an Apache private eye with offices on the Santa Fe plaza.

J. Elise Van Pool ’03

J. Elise Van Pool ’03
started her career as the legislative assistant for Maryland State senator Janet Greenip, but quickly after transitioned into a career in public affairs. She recently returned from a year-long deployment to Afghanistan as a Department of the Army Civilian, where she served as the public affairs officer for the Army Field Support Battalion-Kandahar.

Bobbi Beck Ogle '75

Anyone can see that Bobbi Beck Ogle ’75 loves what she does.  As owner, designer, buyer and marketer of Interior Motives in Nevada, Missouri, Bobbi gets to spend her days building relationships with customers, purchasing adorable products to sell in her store, and designing beautiful home and office interiors. 

Erica Rounsefell '97

Erica Rounsefell '97, an American diplomat posted as an Education Officer, has spent most of her life traveling the world.  She has written several travel guides, taught in multiple orphanages, served as an instructor for Presidential Classroom’s civic education programs in Washington, DC, and served as an English Language Officer for foreign guests of the U.S. Department of State. 


Betty Dailey Hodges-Iancu '52

The 2012 Alumna Service award recipient is Betty Dailey Hodges-Iancu '52.  She has devoutly served Cottey College through numerous volunteer efforts, including recruitment. 

Kay Anderson '87

Kay Anderson ‘87 has a passion for leadership development and coaching that has led to the development of her company, The Human Side, which provides leadership development to organizations and individuals.

Nancy Bogart '88

Nancy Bogart '88

Nancy Bogart '88 is the owner and C.E.O. of a direct selling bath, body and spa company called Jordan Essentials. Since the company's launch in 2000,Jordan Essentials has served over 10,000 consultants and has won numerous awards for its success.

Jen Mele '01

Jen Mele '01
is currently a successful product designer for Michael’s Stores, Inc.  While she has designed everything from frames and ribbons to glue guns, she spends the majority of her time creating candles and candle holders, using computer graphic skills to create the artwork and send drawings to vendors.

Belinda Hargrove '81

Belinda Hargrove '81 is the co-founder and owner of TransSolutions, a women-owned consulting firm focused on efficiency and capacity of transportation facilities. Belinda has worked on projects at over 35 airports worldwide and continues to excel in her field while making huge leaps in the areas of women's leadership and transportation solutions.

Katie Miller '07

Katie Miller, an Oregon-native, graduated from Cottey College in 2007.  Katie got her broadcasting start at KNEM/KNMO Radio in Nevada, Missouri, while a student at Cottey College.  She worked her way to a job on the National Desk for the CBS Evening News and is now currently a production associate for CBS This Morning. With CBS she has contributed to award-winning daily coverage of world events, and played a crucial roll during coverage of several breaking news events.

Dr. Susan Krauter ’69

Dr. Susan Krauter ’69, from Upstate New York, was the 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Alumna award.  Sue, a hospice and palliative care physician, has worked in all aspects of hospice.  However, her particular interest is in Central America.  She has participated in 28 medical missions in Guatemala, focusing on pediatric patients but not palliative care. 

Julie Wilson '82

Julie Wilson ‘82 carried on the family tradition of attending Cottey, as her mother and sister both attended Cottey before her. A former Board of Trustees member, Julie works as a commercial relationship manager for Wells Fargo Bank. She serves a portfolio of business clients with sales ranging from $20 million to $200 million.

Marsha Getto-Aikens '62

Marsha Getto-Aikens '62 is yet another example of Cottey’s wonderful alumnae. After graduating from Cottey, Marsha received her B.A. from the University of Missouri and her M.F.A. at the University of Hawaii/East West Center.

Stacy Kerr Wooters ’97

Stacy Kerr Wooters ’97 recently began a new job as assistant vice president for communications at Georgetown University, leaving Capitol Hill after more than a decade, where she spent more than eight years working under Nancy Pelosi.

Barbara Beeler ’84

Barbara Beeler, '84, a current accountant at the Marine Corps Air Station-Miramar, is a model Cottey alumna not only for her personal perserverence but also for her continued support of the College.

Julie Hunsaker Grandi '61

Julie Hunsaker Grandi '61 started work on a degree in sociology after Cottey but married before completing her junior year.  She moved to Los Angeles, where she began her career working for Jet Propulsion Laboratories at the Goldstone Tracking Station and was one of the first 35 people in the world to witness live photos from the United States’ first crash landing on the moon. 

Jamie Eslinger '94

Jamie Eslinger '94 is the author and creator of The Promise 365, as well as a motivational speaker and health coach.  Eslinger also works for a life coaching company called Women on Fire, as the director of marketing and communications.  Prior to working with Women on Fire, Ms. Eslinger was Director of Marketing for international and national chains, including Baskin-Robbins and Bertucci’s. 

Nicole Vap '89

Nicole Vap '89 is the Executive Producer of the 9NEWS investigative unit, 9Wants to Know.   She recently won the prestigious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Journalism Silver Baton Award for excellence in broadcast journalism. The award, administered by the Columbia School of Journalism which also awards print journalism’s Pulitzer Prizes, is the first in the storied history of 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate in Denver, Colorado, and the first won by any station owned by the Gannett Broadcasting Group since 1989.

Nicole Facciuto '95

Although originally intending to be an actress, Nicole Facciuto ’95 broke into the T.V. decorating world in 2003, and has since become a highly recognized designer, appearing on the Food Newtork's hit show, "Restaurant: Impossible", A&E's "Fix This Kitchen", HGTV's "Red Hot and Green", and various other T.V. design shows.   Her energy and simple approach to design and sustainable living has made going green accessible to everyone and has helped her become a sought out interior designer. 

Jani Duncan Smith '88

After working for many years as an art director at a large publishing company based out of Overland Park, Kansas, Jani Duncan Smith ’88 decided to pursue her dream of owning her own company.  In 2000, she established the advertising arts and design company, It Girl Design Boutique LLC, and has been flourishing ever since.

Jamie Gray '97

Jamie Gray ’97

Jamie Gray ’97 has worked in the arts since graduating from Cottey.  She has worked as a graphic designer, has exhibited and sold paintings in various shops and gallery exhibits, and has taught art at the higher education level.  Jamie currently works for the Kansas City Art Institute as an assistant professor of graphic design.

Jen Wren Charpentier '64

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jen Wren Charpentier ‘64 followed her sister, Susan, to Cottey in 1962. Jen was a natural leader and served as Senate junior class representative and the Student Body President.  In 1966, Jen received her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religion at the University of Tulsa and then joined the U.S. Navy.

Elisa LeDesky 2009

First featured in the Summer 2009 issue of The Viewpoint for her founding role in Cottey's "Change in Action" (CIA) campus organization,  Elisa LeDesky '09 continues to focus on changing the world. Currently, LeDesky is serving diverse groups of people at Tierra Nueva's Family Support Center.

Kathy Peyton Leffler '64

Kathy Peyton Leffler '64 was appointed to the Cottey College Board of Trustees in 2010. She currently owns and operates a home-based freelance writing business called Words to Go, Inc., and has worked in various aspects of the writing business, including newspapers and magazines.

Sarah Adams-Cornell '99

Sarah Adams-Cornell '99 is the 2014 Outstanding Young Alumna Award Winner. Sarah is an advocate for Native American culture, education and rights. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation, serves as a board member for the OK Choctaw Tribal Alliance, is a core member of Idle No More Central Oklahoma and co-hosts a radio program called Warrior Womyn.

Christine Fuller Scheuneman '70

Christine Fuller Scheuneman '70 is a litigation partner in the Los Angeles, California office of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, an international law firm with 15 offices in 5 countries. She represents many of the nation's leading corporations, financial institutions, and real estate companies, as well as many preeminent international companies.

Sylvia Sharman Martin '65

Born in Calfornia and raised in Oregon by two teachers, Sylvia Sharman Martin '65 grew up “romping outside”, reading, fishing, playing piano, and learning the importance of education. The family studied together around the kitchen table and shared in stimulating conversation. Sylvia strengthened that strong educational foundation while in high school with experiences such as competitive swimming and traveling across Canada and the United States with the United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth. “The framing of a successful life” happened through high school teachers who were P.E.O.s and encouraged her to apply to Cottey College.

Margret Hjalmarson '96

Margret Hjalmarson '96 is currently serving as the Program Director in the Directorate for Education & Human Resources at the National Science Foundation. Margret works with researchers as they write proposals, review proposals, and then as awardees of the NSF. This work involves learning about cutting edge innovations in STEM education, learning about research in STEM education and ensuring the process is fair and equitable for investigators. The programs Margaret works with are supporting awards for research in STEM education including teaching, learning and technology from pre-school through undergraduate levels.


Ilse Gebhard ‘60


Ilse Gebhard '60 is an accomplished alumna whose resume includes numerous service and science awards, presentations, natural and chemical science projects and board positions. She worked for 30 years as a research chemist in Medicinal Chemistry at the Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo, in areas that included prostaglandins, antibacterial, antiviral, and anticancer drugs

Mary Beth Garrison McAfee ’60


Mary Beth Garrison McAfee '60, organized a food co-op, the League of Women Voters, the Hospice of Larimer County and Loveland’s first pre-school; played tennis, racquetball, and won two national medals in road bike racing.