Make a Difference in a Young Woman's Life

Students often learn about and attend Cottey because an alumna or P.E.O. introduced them to the College. Here are some ways that you can make a difference in a young woman's life by introducing her to Cottey College.

1. Visit High Schools

  • Talk to science teachers, music teachers and athletic coaches about opportunities at Cottey and leave materials. Cottey offers scholarships in all these areas for incoming students.

  • Visit dance teachers at their studios and tell them of opportunities at Cottey.

  • Visit guidance counselors and leave updated materials.

  • Order materials to take to teachers and counselors by completing an online order form.

2. Attend High School Events

Attend activities at your local high school as a "scout" for Cottey:

  • Basketball, volleyball and softball games - Cottey offers these three sports in its intercollegiate sports program.
  • Choir or band concerts - Cottey offers free vocal and instrumental music lessons to any student enrolled at Cottey. This is valued at $1,500+ per year.
  • Dance performances - Cottey offers dance classes for all levels of experience.

Talk with the coaches and players, teachers and students about Cottey College. Click here to get information and a sample script.

3. Represent Cottey College at Your Local College Fair

Contact your local high school guidance counselor and ask if the school attends or hosts a college fair. College fairs are a great way to expose prospective students and their parents to Cottey College. Order college fair materials, table drops, and photo displays by completing an online order form.   

4. Submit Names to Enrollment Management

Where can you find young women, or parents of young women, to refer to Cottey? Your church, neighborhood, work, volunteer and community organizations, or even your own family. Complete an online referral form. NEW! When you refer a student you will be entered to win a FREE registration to your choice of Founder's Day Weekend or Vacation College from the CCAA Executive Board.

5. Host a Student Gathering

Invite young women from local high schools, churches, or youth organizations and their parents to learn about Cottey College. Order college fair materials, table drops, and photo displays by completing an online order form.  

6. Bring Prospective Students to Cottey - Seeing is Believing

Students who visit Cottey are more likely to enroll! Cottey has several opportunities for prospective students to visit:

  • "C" for Yourself! Weekends are scheduled in the fall and spring
  • Personal visits can be arranged
  • Bus tours for prospective students organized by P.E.O.s

Contact the office of enrollment management at 1-888-5-COTTEY (888-526-8839) for "C" for Yourself dates and registration, to set up personal visits, or to arrange bus tours.

Now that you have identified a young woman in your area, what do you do?


  • Send her a note - Contact the student by letter or e-mail to introduce yourself and let her know you are available to answer questions about Cottey College.

  • Follow-up with a phone call - The purpose is to offer assistance, answer question about the College, and encourage the student to attend Cottey.

  • Keep in contact - Check back with the student periodically.  Encourage her to take the next step to attend Cottey College.  Has she visited campus? Has she completed her application?

We're Here to Help!

Local alumnae can help with college fairs and student gatherings. For a list of alumnae in your area, e-mail the Office of Annual Fund & Alumnae Relations. Also, please feel free to contact the College with any questions you may have.

Office of P.E.O. Relations

Office of Enrollment Management

Office of Annual Fund & Alumnae Relations