What is the Daisy Decimal Campaign?

It is an appeal to every alumna to participate in the A Defining Moment Campaign by giving using the numbers of her class year.  Here is how it works:

  1. Take any of your grad year digits.
  2. Add some zeros.
  3. And, plant your daisy decimal where YOU please.

               $---    ---    ---  ----                                           
            Ex. $  1    9    8     1    0   0   0 = $198.10
            Ex. $  1    9    8     1    0   0   0 = $  81.00

Find the decimal place “just right” for you.


Click here to download the Daisy Decimal pledge form.

Who is Daisylocks?

Daisylocks was created by members of the Alumnae Campaign Steering Committee in an effort to introduce the concept of planting the decimal place where it is "just right" for you.  A skit called "Daisylocks and the Three Decimal Places" was presented at Founder's Day 2011.  Since then, Daisylocks has become an endearing representation of the effort to encourage alumnae participation in the future of their College. 

"Daisylocks and the Three Decimal Places" Skit

Video image and link

"Daisylocks and the Three Decimal Places" is a skit performed at the Homecoming Celebration at Founder's 2011 to kick-off the Alumnae giving portion of the A Defining Moment Campaign. The Alumnae Steering Committee presented the story of "Daisylocks" as she contemplated the size of her donation to her beloved alma mater…dear ole Cottey "C". The skit outlines a number of ways Cottey Alums can leave their mark on Cottey history.  Click the image above to play the video.