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NPD to use Cottey Facility for Active Shooter Training

Cottey College wishes to inform its neighbors that the Nevada Police Department, in conjunction with the Joplin Police Department SWAT team, will conduct their annual Active Shooter Training on Friday, August 1, from 8 a.m. to noon, in the Grantham Hall wing of the Rubie Burton Academic Center.

“We wanted our neighbors to know about this so no one would be alarmed by the presence of the officers on campus,” said Dr. Mari Anne Phillips, vice president for student life.

Officers from the Nevada and Joplin Police Departments will be parking their vehicles in the parking lot of the Rubie Burton Academic Center off of South Chestnut, and possibly on the street. The officers will be using training weapons only, and will be in uniform, including body armor and duty belts. Officers will not bring any weapons or ammunition inside the training site.

“We appreciate the good neighbors that we have adjacent to Cottey and in the Nevada community,” said Dr. Phillips. “We also appreciate Nevada Police Chief Graham Burnley and the officers of the Nevada Police Department who make Cottey and Nevada a safer place to learn, live, and work.”