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Cottey Offers New Scholarships for Four-Year Degree Students

Cottey College is pleased to announce a new scholarship, called the Opportunity Scholarship, available for students pursuing one of the four-year degree programs now offered by the College. Opportunity Scholarships are granted to second- and third-year students who plan to enroll in or continue to work towards a bachelor’s degree at Cottey College. Those six majors are business, English, environmental studies, international relations and business, liberal arts, and psychology.

These scholarships are set at $3,000 each which are renewable annually and in addition to any other institutional scholarships the students may receive. To be eligible for this scholarship a student must have good academic standing and be nominated by a faculty member. This semester, 31 students were nominated for the Opportunity Scholarships by faculty members.

“These scholarships are provided to encourage our top baccalaureate students to complete their degree program at Cottey,” said Dr. Cathryn Pridal, vice president for academic affairs. “Now that we have developed a core of outstanding four-year degree programs at the College, we want to ensure we attract and retain our best and brightest in those programs.”

The best and brightest did apply for these scholarships. The committee tasked with finding the top honorees considered academic achievements, overall record at Cottey, and letters of recommendation in making the selections. Because of the quality of applicants, the committee found it challenging to limit the number of awardees and requested two additional awards be allowed. Two alternates were identified by the committee for those scholarships.

“The difficulty our committee had in narrowing the pool is an indicator, I believe, of the academic strength of the students in our bachelor programs,” said Dr. Pridal. “I am confident these programs will continue to grow and attract bright young women, especially as we look to expand beyond these six majors we offer.”