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Cottey Leadership Development Students Meet with Senior Center

Students in the Cottey College Leadership Discovery Workshop partnered with the Vernon County Senior Center for a cross-generational sharing and social on Friday, June 15, 2013.  Cross-generational connections are based on sharing memories, ideas, skills, laughter, and creativity.

Throughout their week on the Cottey College campus, students learned about the Senior Center programs, experienced simulation activities to understand the mobility challenges seniors face, interviewed seniors over lunch at the Senior Center, and then created informational demonstrations to share with the seniors.  All the while, the seniors created their own demonstrations to share with the summer program students.

The seniors shared tips for pool playing and proper treatment and folding of the American flag.  The students shared scarf-tying styles, stretches for increasing mobility, and a yarn craft.

Thirteen high school students from around the country participated in the Leadership Discovery Workshop.  While on campus, they also attended sessions on leadership, diversity and spirituality, professional presence, and shadowed women leaders in the Nevada community.  For more information about the Leadership Discovery Workshop, contact Tracy Cordova, coordinator of P.E.O. relations at Cottey.