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Cottey Marketing Students Help the YMCA


Cottey students enrolled in principles of marketing, a baccalaureate-level course in the International Business program participated in a public relations campaign for the Nevada Osage Prairie YMCA during the fall semester.  The purpose of the public service project was to achieve more recognition of the "Y's" new branding campaign and related programs. 

At the beginning of the semester, students enrolled in principles of marketing volunteered to help the YMCA, students toured the Osage Prairie YMCA and were introduced to many of the programs the "Y" has to offer by Jeffrey Snyder, executive director of the Osage Prairie YMCA.  Marketing students learned about specific YMCA programs such as Kids' Kove, the after school day-care program, swimming lessons, racquetball and volleyball leagues, the new branding campaign, volunteering, and adult-based clubs.  Marketing students then prepared publicity materials for internal use at the "Y" and also for distribution to the local radio station, KNEM-KNMO and the local newspaper, Nevada Daily Mail, during late fall and winter. 

"This public service project was an awesome opportunity for future business executives to perform real life work that will be actually used instead of just studying a textbook problem," said Dr. Gary Lunkenheimer, associate professor of business and economics and marketing professor for Cottey College.  "I am very proud of the students who volunteered their time to help to do this public service project for the YMCA putting their classroom skills to work," Dr. Lunkenheimer also stated. 

Cottey College offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Business. For further information about Cottey, please call 417-667-8181.  If your small business or not-for-profit agency would like marketing assistance during the fall 2013 semester, please contact Dr. Gary Lunkenheimer at 417-667-6333, extension 2271.